Pool strategies

Each external liquidity pool on FIN-REALLY is assigned one of several strategies to maximize profit and mitigate risks:

  • Safe: Each liquidity pool is equipped with its own unique level of conservatism or aggressiveness, representing the overall risk associated with using various strategies. This includes security assessments of third-party protocols, interaction frequency with contracts, and collateral ratios for lending operations (if applicable);

  • Flexible: The liquidity pool's strategy can change, allowing for the addition of new or alternative actions, or even a complete switch to a more efficient strategy. Users do not need to take any action, as funds will automatically transition to updated approaches;

  • Multi-Strategy: Combines the previous strategies, allowing assets in the pool to be deployed across all three strategies. In this case, any chosen percentage will be distributed among investment pools (for example, 40% in the Stable pool, 40% in the Coin pool, and 20% in the Dex pool). The multi-strategy pools function to smoothly transition from an old strategy to a new one (e.g., starting with 1%/99%, then 50%/50%, and eventually to 100%/0%).

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