Risk factors

Purchase of cryptocurrency is associated with the extreme level of risk. The prospective buyer should provide or carefully study the information about these risks. Any actual risk can have a significant negative impact on FIN-REALLY and the price of the FIN tokens.

Cryptocurrency holders can face various risks and uncertainties containing, but not limited to, mentioned below. Uncertainty and risks that are not included in the list, can have a significant impact on the entire FIN-REALLY ecosystem and the price of the FIN tokens.

The investments described in this document can be very risky, even losing the entire investment. The activity to which the funds raised will be applied is novel and does not correspond to any proven business model.

The "Tokens" that can be acquired will not be guarded by entities legally authorized to provide investment services and the registration technology that is planned to be used (blockchain) is also new and can carry significant risks.

This document is not an information brochure nor has it been subject to any type of review by any administrative authority.

It is essential that those who decide to buy or invest in assets of this type or similar consider all the associated risks and assess whether they have enough information to understand what is being offered.

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