Future plans

In the future, FIN-REALLY plans many updates and improvements that will have a fruitful effect on the company's development and capital inflows.

There are plans to develop and issue the company's own token FIN (FIN-REALLY Operational Token). The issue of the token is scheduled for mid-2024.

This will open new opportunities for the company's investors, the main one being the creation of the company's own DAC to protect the rights of investors, which gives each of the token owners the ability to influence the company's decisions, thus participating in the life of the FIN-REALLY community and uniting it.

The plan is to open a platform to attract large corporate investments and institutional investors.

FIN-REALLY plans to expand its influence and scale the project's ecosystem. To do this, new operations offices will be opened in San Francisco (USA) and Montreal (Canada).

The company has already opened a data center in San Francisco.

In the near future the company's customers and partners will expect various technical upgrades, such as

  • mobile application for comfortable work anywhere,

  • service to use the power of users' PCs for key matching,

  • implementation of a staking system and a support and loyalty program for token holders.

You can read more about FIN-REALLY' development plans in the roadmap.

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