Currently, only a small portion of the population enjoys the benefits of cryptocurrencies. When it comes to decentralized finance (DeFi), while this segment has been gaining momentum in recent years and becoming increasingly prominent, capable even of competing with centralized finance, only about a tenth of all users are utilizing DeFi protocols.

This situation is attributed to three main problems:

  1. Security: There is a high risk for newcomers. People without knowledge are afraid of DeFi due to the lack of tools for understanding and managing associated risks;

  2. Poor User Experience (UX): Most modern applications are designed for interaction with centralized services, while DApps (decentralized applications) are created exclusively for interaction with decentralized services;

  3. Entry Barrier: The initial knowledge required to use DeFi protocols is too high. For example, you need to know how to use blockchain wallet software to interact with smart contracts or how to fund it.

In turn, FIN-REALLY's main features are precisely designed to solve these issues.

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