What is liquidity pool?

Liquidity pools are investment tools that employ unique strategies to maximize profits. They gain strength through automated mechanisms, continuously replenishing and reinvesting capital, which contributes to achieving maximum compounded returns. Together with FIN-REALLY, you're redefining financial possibilities, avoiding thousands of gas transactions, manual operations, and complicated calculations. Instead of expending a lot of effort in collecting, selling, and reinvesting tokens, the investment pool takes care of all the work, automating each stage at a high frequency. Thus, liquidity pools are a central element of the FIN-REALLY ecosystem.

In summary, liquidity pools are capable of:

  • Efficiently executing yield farming strategies;

  • Combining rewards with the initial token deposit;

  • Using any assets as liquidity;

  • Providing one asset as collateral for another;

  • Managing collateral with security considerations to mitigate potential liquidation risks;

  • Maximizing asset performance for income generation;

  • Automatically reinvesting earned funds.

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